My Approach

I like to work closely with my clients from initial concept to final design. It is important to me to fully understand the vision of my clients so that I can create a content which conveys the desired message with complementary style.

My Story

As Economist graduate I have immersed myself in different commercially driven jobs none of which brought me joy until I found my passion for graphic design. I have spent the past three years developing my skills and perfecting my abilities in the Adobe software family to work towards a successful career in the graphic arts.

My vision and motivation

As a graphic designer my career ambition is to work in as many different areas of design as possible to expand my knowledge and diversify my portfolio and eventually start my own company one day.


Anna Schulteisz

Graphic Designer

I have graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from the Budapest Busness University which led me to work in a lifestyle franchise company in Amsterdam. It is there where I got involved with graphic design and realised the true potential of visual representation.
After relocating to Hong Kong I was determined to shift from Marketing to graphic design so I have taken continuing education courses to properly learn using design softwares and improve my skills.
I have started to freelance and build my portfolio which led me to a full time job as graphic designer at Hong Kong Living (formerly Fast Media Ltd). During the two wonderful years I have spent working there I have learned a lot about print media, aestethics regarding different target audiences as well as deepened my knowledge on design softwares. I have learned a lot about Hong Kong, our readership and expat lifestyle in general (all of which will have become one of my best assets). Moreover, being able to design a whole book (The Hong Kong Living Guide) was an important milestone in my career.

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